“After seeing old sand-based patio failures. Evershine landscaping paver and retainer wall team gave us the stone paver and retainer wall its stand’s out with rest of my neighbors”
                      ………. Dr. Inderjit Shanga

Evershine Landscaping in Coquitlam Burnaby. Paver installation is what Evershine Landscaping is also good at. For the past 10 years, we have been beautifying homes and business properties across Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, and other cities in Metro Vancouver.

With our superior paving design and landscaping services. Our stunning results have earned us the trust of hundreds of satisfied clients. Evershine Landscaping believes that excellence in any structural creation lies with two factors: quality of paving materials and quality of execution. The best is: we have both qualities

The team for Paver and Retainer Wall with Evershine Landscaping are skilled and has craftsmen quality with high experienced and knowledgeable in paving installation, which is why we handle each project professionally


What do these features mean for homeowners or commercial property owners?

Customized looks

We listen to your needs, preferences, and aesthetic ideas. Our job of creating a custom look for your property is achieved using various type and brand of pavers There’s always a color, shape, and pattern for every look you want to achieve and for every paving application.


Extra strong and durable

Pavers that we recommend are stronger than asphalt, clay brick, and poured concrete. They are resistant to cracking or chipping.


Long-lasting beauty

Fading is not an issue with this brand of paving stones because of coating that preserves the color and appearance of such pavers. They can also withstand snow and ice, as well as wear and tear from regular use.


Superior appearance

The product that we recommend in paving stones have a smooth, skid-resistant surface. Because they are made from ultra-fine sand granules and high-quality cement, you’ll find no unsightly holes or blemishes on the surface.


Safe to tread on

Another good feature about our product recommendation is their skid-and slip-resistant surface. They are perfect for driveways, walkways, and pool decks.


Minimal upkeep

This kind of paving material requires minimal maintenance. Repair or replacement is also easy.


Retainer wall

As any experienced landscape contractor would surely tell you, retaining walls are not only built for design purposes, but they have very important roles in the landscape.


For one, retaining walls prevent soil erosion. This is particularly true if some parts of your property are built over loose, uneven soil or slopes. An example would be a gazebo built on a gentle slope. Without a retaining wall constructed around it, the gazebo could be structurally compromised in the event of heavy rains or earthquake. These walls ensure that such amenities are protected.


Another benefit of retaining walls is that they greatly enhance the beauty of your property. An example would be a paved walkway leading to a pool or a cabana with nicely done walls. Such add-ons easily capture the attention of guests and greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of any property

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      Our team is dedicated for creating a beautiful landscaping and meticulously
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      Our team is dedicated for creating a beautiful landscaping and meticulously
      caring for them with unmatched services.

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